Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Patients should be aware that fees are charged for services not covered by the NHS contract.   Non NHS services include private medical certificates, reports supporting private health insurance and other non-NHS reports. Medical reports and examination requested by insurance companies are usually paid by the insurance company concerned.


Pre-employment medical & report         


Short Certificates of incapacity for employer      


Fitness to attend school/university                    


Private Insurance Claim Forms                      


Child Minding Certificate                           


Letter of Immunisation History                 


 Examination & Report for Sickness/Accident

Insurance claim                          


Report only for sickness/accident insurance claim      


Adoption or Fostering medical report                          


Power of Attorney        

 without examination £55.00 - with £110.00

Private blood tests 

                  laboratory will arrange fee and invoice patient

Private medical certificate (i.e. fit to fly/exam exemption) 


Complex medical certificate (>complex medical history)                 


 Travel Abroad

Fee for all private prescriptions                        


Fitness to travel certificate                             


Travel/holiday cancellation certificate                   


Driver Requirements

Certificate of fitness for elderly driver                


P.S.V. (Taxi driver) Medical                               


H.G.V. (Heavy Good Vehicle driver) Medical        


Fireman’s Medical                                             


All the above report with no examination              


Please note passport forms will not be countersigned by any GP.